NAUTA scientific

instruments for science

Hydrophones and underwater acoustics

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sensors and accessories for underwater acoustics

Self-contained underwater acoustic recorders and canisters:
RASP also with programmable recording scheme.

SETUPs for underwater acoustic recording
Instruments and consulting for underwater noise measurement

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Instruments and expertise for
PAM - Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Marine Mammal acoustic risk mitigation compliancy

For Your Reference


Trail cameras for your monitoring needs
We deliver two trail camera systems, one with memory only and one with the GSM module, able to immediately transmit the recorded images via the cellular network (when there is coverage). Each system with GSM is delivered with a dedicated email address that can be used to receive the images taken by the camera.
Night vision cameras with no IR light source
A range of very high sensitivity analog cameras suitable for wildlife monitoring

Data collection and management

software to determine the position of a towed sensor, camera or net. This software returns the real-time position of a towed sensor, at surface or underwater
Georeferenced data collection and management
Inland track surveying with complete data collection; Photographs and video footage, inland and underwater, with real-time georeferencing

GPS remote tracking

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professional GPS tracking solutions
Custom solutions ranging from server side to remote transponders and centralized archiving