Hydrophones and underwater acoustics

sensors and accessories for underwater acoustics

OUR KITS for underwater acoustic recording

Our self-contained underwater acoustic recorders:
RASP 12 with programmable recording scheme.

The new small cost-effective towable hydrophone:
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Instruments and consulting for underwater noise measurement
Instruments and expertise for
PAM - Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Marine Mammal acoustic risk mitigation compliancy
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  • ...and more.

GPS remote tracking

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professional GPS tracking solutions
Custom solutions ranging from server side to remote transponders and centralized archiving

Video monitoring

Night vision cameras with no IR light source.
A range of very high sensitivity analog cameras suitable for wildlife monitoring

Data collection and management

Georeferenced data collection and management
Inland track surveying with complete data collection; Photographs and video footage, inland and underwater, with real-time georeferencing
software to determine the position of a towed, sensor, camera or net. This software returns the real-time position of a towed sensor, at surface or underwater