The H1b hydrophone is the Aquarian Audio lowest-cost and simplest hydrophone.
It uses the same low-noise, robust transducer assembly as our other hydrophones, but does not have an internal buffer amp. 
The stainless steel threaded mount is durable and convenient for applications such as industrial monitoring and remote-operated or autonomous vehicles and boueys.

The H1b offers the following advantages:
• Low cost
• Low self noise
• Good sensitivity
• High durability
• Very high dynamic range
• Works directly with high-impedance microphone preamps, musical instrument amps, and test equipment
• High-quality 3.5mm gold output connector
• Compact size: 25 x 58mm (1" x 2-1/4")
• Convenient and secure stainless steel 1/4" pipe mount
• 1-year limited warranty