The H2b hydrophone is designed to work with any recording device, computer, or transmitter that offers a plug-in-powered, 3.5mm microphone input.  It uses the same low-noise, robust transducer assembly as our other hydrophones, but includes a low noise internal impedance buffer amp.  Operation is very simple: just connect and use.  No additional power supply or proprietary preamp is required.  

The H2b offers the following advantages:
• Low cost
• Low self noise
• Good sensitivity
• High durability
• Connects directly with thousands of consumer audio, wireless and computer products
• Adapters allow use with telephone, radio, and pro audio equipment
• High-quality gold output connector
• Compact size: 25 x 58mm (1" x 2-1/4")
• Convenient and secure stainless steel 1/4" pipe mount
• 1-year limited warranty