Soluzioni di tracciamento GPS per lo scienziato e il professionista. Sistemi di gestione dei dati di posizione con accesso integrale ai punti ricevuti, in tempo reale, attraverso connessione dati.


Il più semplice e immediato sistema di localizzazione GPS a distanza.

Un dispositivo tascabile che trasmette, a richiesta o a intervalli predefiniti, un SMS con un link.
Selezionando il link sul vostro smartphone, apparirà la posizione del dispositivo tracciato.

Più semplice di così non è possibile.

È il sistema perfetto per non perdere di vista persone che hanno bisogno di cura particolare, per escursionisti, cercatori di funghi, bambini, sommozzatori, pescatori, joggers e sportivi in genere.
Le applicazioni sono infinite.

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eTracks PRO

We like online solutions.
They are fast and reliable. In this case they are faster than collecting GPS data loggers installed on several places, downloading the data, translating them into something that can go into a GIS.
This is why we are now online with a service that allows the project manager to collect remote position data without the need of skilled users on the field, and without the need of accessing remote units. 

How it works

The service allows to receive, display, store, retrieve and export GPS position data, from remote transponders, via a GSM-GPRS connection.

Why we are different

First of all we are system users. We develop solutions because we are the firsts who need the systems. works with real-time data received over a data connection originated from the transponder. OK, many other systems do the same.
Our transponders also have an on-board memory that stores position data, according to your schedule, all the time, with or without an active connection. So your positions will be there even when the transponder goes out of the GSM network. Like at sea, or in the mountains. OK, there are a few other products that do the same.
We can retrieve and flush the memory of the transponder storing the memorized data on our server. This is not so common.
We receive and merge real-time position data and recorded position data on the same datasets, producing the most complete track. This also is not so common.
We do output data from your query using four standards: a GoogleEarth image (you must only download and install the GE free plugin), a KML file (a file in GoogleEarth format) that you can download and manage as you like, a SHP file (a de facto standard in GIS applications), a raw TXT file (containing the GPS sentences received, nothing more and nothing less). No other tracking service delivers such a complete set of data. So easily.

What do you need


You need to buy a transponder from us. Transponders are simple and low cost "cell-phone+GPS units". One unit currently costs 130 euros plus applicable taxes. 

Connection fees

As the system uses a GPRS connection to transmit data, you do need to use a cell phone carrier to operate the units. So you need a SIM from your local operator. A "data only" SIM will be ok if you do not need to use the limited cell phone features on the unit. Pre-paid SIMs are ok also.
It would be better to buy a bulk of data traffic, that usually comes discounted from many providers. For a normal user something like 500MB per month will be enough.