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RASP gen. 1 & 2

(Registratore Acustico Subacqueo Programmabile)

Programmable underwater acoustic recorder

Tech sheets

All technical sheets and descriptions are reported here for future reference. All documents are NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION.


MODU connectors and PIN numbering. We use this numbering, and what is shown here (on the right) is a FEMALE CONNECTOR

current connectors:

Hydrophones SQ26:
MODU 4pin FEMALE, gold pins:
1: GND/shield
2: not used
3: black wire
4: white wire
see HYDROPHONE WIRING for correct wiring

Microtrack 24/96 & Microtrack II:

MODU 6pin FEMALE, gold pins: 1: POWER switch 2: GND for power switch 3: RECORD SWITCH 4: RECORD SWITCH 5: +4.7VDC BATTERY 6: GND for BATTERY
power switch is replicated shortening pin 1-2 (1.5 second period)
RECORD button is replicated shortening pin 3 and 4
5 and 6 are for power feed (do not exceed 5.xx volts)
pins 2 and 6 are common ground and could be connected together to a different ground (this up to hardware version delivered up to december 2006)

programmable scheduler:
see TIMER board pages


version 1.0 4500 mAh NiMH elements, 4 battery packs made of four 1.2V batteries size C

version 1.1
4000 mAh NiMH elements,
4 battery packs made of four 1.2V batteries size C
a battery wiring adapter takes the 4 positives of battery packs (pins 3,4,5,6 on a 6 pin MALE connector from battery packs) into pin 5 MALE on a 6 pin male connector, compatible with microtrack connector.
pin 1 on the battery pack is common negative, converted to pin 6 MALE via the wiring adapter
version 2.0
9000 mAh NiMH elements,
2 battery packs made of four 1.2V batteries size D


SensorTech SQ06 element, ready to get direct power feed from PIP (plug-in-power), or PHANTOM (via a simple additional circuit)


oxidized Al 6060



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