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NAUTA systems

Nauta designs and prepares special setups for your applications.
We have a wide experience in underwater bio-acoustics problem solving, together with experience in acoustic mitigation policies compliancy during off-shore operations.
We are happy to discuss your needs.
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uRec & RASP series

Underwater acoustic recorders, canisters with hydrophones, acoustic monitoring units.

Special setups, parts & accessories

We deliver special setups based on standard sensors:

We deliver special accessories for underwater acoustics research:
  • Cables
  • Parts for special systems (stainless steel / delrin heads that fit PU pipes used to protect underwater sensors and assemble towable systems)
  • A range of accessories from plastic protection cases down to silica gel desiccant with color changing efficiency indicator
  • Deep-water floaters
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the single element towable hydrophone
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Underwater acoustic monitoring

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