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The Cetacean Research Technology CR2

This hydrophone is ideal for the detection and recording of extremely loud underwater signals.
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Examples of such loud sources include close-range dolphin echolocation, high-power sonar, large pile drivers, air gun arrays, and underwater explosions.
Unlike most hydrophones, the CR2 hydrophone transducer is made from a material that is virtually indestructible.
The hydrophones are molded to an extra tough polyurethane-jacketed coaxial cable.
The cables can be terminated with either BNC or mono phone plug connectors.
Hydrophones are not individually calibrated.

Calibrated frequency response measurements can be performed on request.
Linear Frequency Range (±3dB) [kHz]: 0.002 to 28
Useable Frequency Range (+3/-20dB) [kHz]: 0.0002 to 250
(see † note)
Sensitivity [dB, re 1V/µPa]: -214
Preamplifier Gain [dB]: N/A
SPL Equiv. Self Noise at 1kHz [dB, re 1µPa]: TBD
Power Requirement [Vdc]: N/A
RMS Overload Acoustic Pressure [dB, re 1µPa]: N/A
Maximum Operating Depth [m]: 460
Operating Temperature Range [ºC]: -40 to 70
Capacitance [nF]: 0.82
Dimensions [mm]: 56 L x 14 dia
Coaxial Cable Length: 10 meters cable terminated with male BNC or mono phone plug connector (longer cable optional)
Directionality: omnidirectional below 10kHz
Battery / Connector box: power not required
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note †

Requires a preamplifier with 100MOhm input impedance, such as the Reson VP1000 or Reson VP2000 preamplifiers (on the left).

If a preamplifier with 1MOhm input impedance is used, then the low frequency -3dB point will be at 200Hz instead of 2Hz and the -20dB point will be at 20Hz instead of 0.2Hz.
  • extra length ruggedized cable
  • custom orders not listed above
  • hydrophone may be used with either the optional Reson VP1000 or Reson VP2000 preamplifiers.