RASP 12 - C24

Based on the small Yamaha C24 digital audio recorder (96kHz of sampling rate @ 24 bits) RASP 12 C24 is made in PVC and has a glued cap (hydrophone side) and a screwed-on cap.
It features the Sensor Technology SQ26-08 hydrophone.
The canister has a 1cm machined PVC wall with one O-R per side.
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The Yamaha C24 recorder has a firmware built-in timer that allows a single repeated recording slot cycled over the 24hrs.
It also allows to start the recording depending on the received level at the hydrophone.
Our RASP 12 - C24 includes a microSD 8GB memory card and a simple modification giving a double AA 1,5V battery pack.
Batteries must be correctly inserted following the scheme on the battery holder.
This is extremely important.
Both the recorder and the battery pack must be inserted in the canister using the provided net sack.
Description of the RASP 12

Pictures of the system

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