We can help

We do have a wide range of skills, and we are a special group of people.
We do follow with interest and competence new techs and we indeed well know the field of natural sciences reasearch.
Natural sciences is where we come from.
We were born in year 2000, grouping some colleagues from the Pavia University, who have large experience on marine bioacoustics, PAM - passive acoustic monitoring, and the set of instruments that come along with it.
The business has grown.
We are tech translators. We help field research with current technology.
Technology can have a huge impact in understanding the world as it is.
We are used to work with limited budgets. If you work in the field of natural sciences or if you are an environmental manager we can help you in realizing the idea you have in mind.


Here are our preferred experiences, in the past, about environmental monitoring:

Our experience in designing new instruments and prototypes:
We have a unique experience in designing customs setups for remote monitoring in harsh environments.
Depending on the on-site available services, we can help you in a range of tasks, from sizing and setting up you photovoltaic system, your data link, your cameras and your needed sensors up to designing and deploying the entire system.