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The Sensor Technology SQ26-08

This hydrophone is a general purpose hydrophone ideal for whale watching, full audio-band signal detection, and mobile underwater recording.
This hydrophone has a slick & compact design. It is manufactured by Sensor Technology in Canada.
The SQ26-08 must be used with a recording device or preamplifier that has a bias powered (plug-in-power) microphone input. A custom adapter allows to directly power the internal preamp, to be used with systems not providing the bias power.

Applications: Kayaking, Recreation, Tourism, Environmental science, General cetacean research, Educational outreach programs, Contact microphone, Geophone, Capturing the sounds of the natural underwater environment for eco-art, Adding underwater sound to video recordings.

Frequency Range [kHz]: 0.030 to 30 and over
Transducer Sensitivity* [dB, re 1V/µPa]: -194
Preamplifier Gain [dB]: 25
Effective Sensitivity (Transducer Sensitivity + Preamplifier Gain) [dB, re 1V/µPa]: -169
SPL Equiv. Self Noise at 1kHz [dB, re 1µPa]: to be determined
Power Requirement [Vdc]: 2 to 5
RMS Overload Acoustic Pressure [dB, re 1µPa]: 154
Maximum Operating Depth [m]: 100
Operating Temperature Range [ºC]:-25 to 60
Dimensions [mm]: 70 L x 32 dia.
Shielded Cable Length [m]: standard 10 meters or 30 meters cable includes 3.5mm stereo phone plug
Directionality: omnidirectional below 10kHz
Battery / Connector box: N/A - powered by most of the plug-in powered microphone inputs, such as the Zoom H1

SQ26-08. The mini-jack connector may vary from the one in the picture.

SQ26-08 Frequency Response, tested on series production.


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