Idrofono Aquarian Audio H3

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The H3 hydrophone was designed as a leak finding tool. It offers exceptional sensitivity in a very small size that can easily be inserted into plumbing systems. Additionally, its mechanically-balanced dual-element design minimizes acceleration noise.
This helps lower handling noise and vibration-induced noise. The H3 is also used as a waterproof microphone in industrial applications where dust and coolants would make standard microphones unreliable.

The H3 hydrophone can be optionally assembled with our WT150g sliding stainless steel weight assembly for sinking the hydrophone. There are several advantages to placing the weight on the cable, rather than building it into the hydrophone. When the hydrophone is dropped, the cable flexes and deflects that impact away from the hydrophone.
It also dampens vibrations in the cable that would be induced into the hydrophone signal as acceleration noise. The weight can be moved if needed to allow insertion into a pipe.
These attributes are especially useful to the leak detection specialist.

The H3 offers the following advantages:
  • Low cost
  • Small size (16.5mm diameter)
  • High sensitivity
  • Robust, low-mass design provides high mechanical shock resistance
  • Balanced element design minimizes acceleration noise
  • Available in four different output configurations to interface with almost any microphone amp
  • Compact (4.5mm OD) Low-noise cable with tough urethane jacket
  • High dynamic range
  • Low self noise
  • One-year limited warranty
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