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Underwater Recording Systems include a hydrophone and a digital recorder.

Autonomous, Computer-based, and Portable recording systems are available.
The portable SQ26-H1 is the most compact underwater recording system that exists.


The SQ26-H1-EU underwater recording system consists of the Sensor Technology SQ26-08 hydrophone and the ZOOM H1 solid state digital recorder
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In this underwater recording system the hydrophone is powered by the recorder's plug-in power microphone jack.
It will record sounds up to 48kHz in bandwidth, which is more than twice as high as human hearing can detect.
The SQ26-H1-EU is probably the most compact underwater recording system that exists.
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Computer based recording

All our hydrophones can be connected to a computer for laptop recording, using a quality audio interface. Today there are plenty of audio interfaces, available at your local computer shop. We do have tested many of them and are happy to offer some special interfaces at a competitive price.
Some examples?
E-MU USB boards, with a 96kHz stereo bandwidth and standard interface, TC Electronics firewire interfaces, sturdy and with fantastic frequency response.
It is a hard world for computer people out there. Things keep on evolving too rapidly, but please write us a note if you are interested in computer recording.

Autonomous underwater acoustic recording

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(RUDAR series is made by Cetacean Research Technology).
The µRUDAR™ (micro Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder) is a very compact, short-term, autonomous recording device that is designed for fast and easy deployment in a wide range of applications.