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uRec 384k

Programmable underwater acoustic recorder
  • uRec 384k
  • uRec 384k
The uRec 384k is a stand-alone underwater acoustic recorder, suitable for monitoring acoustic signals for long periods according to a programmed sampling scheme
Delivered with a customized Dodotronic recording board samples up to 384kHz and is set in a transparent resin canister with Delrin caps.

The standard provided hydrophone is a Sensor Technology SQ26-05 pre-amplified sensor on one cap.
Several other hydrophones models are available for custom integration, including the Aquarian Audio H2c, the Aquarian Scientific AS-1 and the whole series of Cetacean Research Technology sensors.

The canister can be delivered with two different battery setups: 3xD batteries or 3x3xAA batteries.
The unit can go down to more than -500m, depending on the provided hydrophone and possible additional limitations.

Delivered with standard accessories: 10bags of re-usable Silica Gel, 256GB mSD card, O-Ring gel lubricant.


uRec384k Acoustic underwater recorder, with size D batteries


uRec384k Acoustic underwater recorder, with size AA batteries


uRec 384k


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