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Aquarian Scientific AS-1

Broadband measurement hydrophone
  • Aquarian Scientific AS-1
  • Aquarian Scientific AS-1
  • Aquarian Scientific AS-1
  • Aquarian Scientific AS-1
Broadband measurement hydrophone

The AS-1 is designed to provide maximum sensitivity in a small size while also providing a linear response in the bandwidth of the highest-quality commercial digital sound recording interfaces. Response is omnidirectional in the human auditory bandwidth, as well as omnidirectional in the horizontal axis at all frequencies (theoretical). Given these qualities, the AS-1 is well-suited for absolute underwater sound measurements in marine and industrial environments. It can also be used as an omnidirectional reference projector.
Use directly with your scope or DAQ device or use with the
PA4 preamp and any digital recorder or sound interface for high-quality, low-cost underwater sound analysis.  Fitted, breathable EVA case included with cable lengths of 20 meters or less (longer cable assemblies will not fit in case and will be bulk shipped in allowable packaging).
  • Linear range: 1Hz to 100kHz ±2dB
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -208dBV re 1μPa (40μV / Pascal)
  • Transmitting Sensitivity: 140dB SPL re 1μPa, 1Vrms input at 1meter, 90kHz
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 30V p-p (continuous); 150V p-p (<10% duty cycle, <100KHz)
  • Horizontal Directivity(20kHz): ±0.2dB
  • Horizontal Directivity (100kHz): ±1dB
  • Vertical Directivity (20kHz): ±1dB
  • Vertical Directivity (100kHz): +6dB -11dB
  • Operating depth: 200m
  • Survival depth: 350m
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +80°C
  • Nominal capacitance: 5nF +/- 15% (plus cable @ 118pF/m)
  • Output connection: BNC (standard)
  • Size: 12mm D x 40mm L
  • Weight (in air): 8g (plus cable @ 28g/m)
  • Cable length: 9 meters standard.  Any length on request.
  • Cable Jacket: Polyurethane, OD: 4.5mm
  • Encapsulant: Polyurethane


AS-1 - 9m cable NO weight

AS-1 - 9

AS-1 - 15m cable and weight

AS-1 - 15

AS-1 - 25m cable and weight

AS-1 - 25

AS-1 - 25m cable - CALIBRATED

AS-1 - 25CAL

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