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Spectra DAQ200

Calibrated signal interface
  • Spectra DAQ200
SpectraDAQ-200 module was custom designed for use with SpectraPLUS-RT and SpectraPLUS-SC. It uses the highest quality data converters for exceptionally low noise and distortion, has fixed gain steps for easy calibration to your transducer sensitivity, IEPE power for accelerometers or microphones, and incorporates standard BNC connectors widely used in test environments.

Model: SpectraDAQ-200 Vibration Testing


Up to 24bit/192 kHz sampling
Dual channel
IEPE (4ma constant current) power for accelerometers and microphones
Fixed gain steps (+/-10V, 2.5V, 625mV, 156mV)
BNC connectors
Digital I/O lines for process control solutions
Excellent performance (very low noise floor and distortion)
Small rugged portable steel case
USB 3.0 (cable included)
Fully USB Bus powered - no external power supply required
For two channel acoustic and vibration signal measurements - this device does it all!

Key Specifications:

THD: < 0.002 %
Frequency Response: 4Hz - 92kHz (-1dB)
Low Frequency Cutoff: 2 Hz (-3dB)
Spurious Free Dynamic Range: > 95 dB
Noise Floor: < -120 dBVrms