Chi siamo - Who we are

NAUTA ricerca e consulenza scientifica

(aka NAUTA scientific) s.r.l.

fondata nel 2000 è una società privata basata a Milano, Italia.

indirizzo: NAUTA scientific s.r.l.,
Strada della Carità 8, 20135 Milano. Italia.
telefono: +39 0230312139
fax - 24/24 - 7/7: +39 0270032916

P.IVA: IT 01867740183


At that time co-founders were research associates at the CIBRA - Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali at the Pavia University - Italy.
Our interest on underwater bio-acoustics started long before that, in 1994, when the CIBRA received a public grant to study new acoustic censusing metodologies for Marine Mammals in the Mediterranean Sea. Nauta co-founders were hired to take part to those cruises and were involved in CIBRA researches since then.
In the last 14 years we have been working with and for the University of Pavia (CIBRA lab), NURC - NATO Undersea Research Center, ONR - Office of Naval Research - USA and in a lot of smaller contracts.
NAUTA personnel took part to oceanographic cruises on several big ships (R/V Alliance - NATO, R/V Endeavor - Rhode Island University, N/I Galatea & N/I Magnaghi - Italian Navy, R/V Leonardo - NATO) and many small ones, always dealing with underwater bioacoustics and acoustic censusing and localization of Marine Mammals.

Developing practical aspects of this topic we have also been working on the passive acoustic mitigation procedures needed to keep as low as possible the impact, on living organisms, of man-made noise at sea.
NAUTA has run, as sub-contractor, a project on Lampedusa, a small island south of Sicily, funded by the European Commission as a LIFE project. For this project we have developed new instruments (RASPs) to acoustically estimate Cetacean presence and activity, and their interaction with the fishing industry.
We have designed and instaled an underwater acoustic monitoring instrumental setup in another national Marine Protected Area.
We do import and distribute in Europe different brands of underwater acoustic sensors and we can be considered as solution-providers for underwater bio-acoustic monitoring needs.

Our customers, among the others: Greenpeace UK (a couple of two-element towed arrays of hydrophones for their ship Esperanza), Fundacio CRAM Spain (three element towed array of hydrophones), SonSub UK (acoustic sensors for their deep ROV), STARESO France (underwater acoustic sensors), Galatee Film France (underwater acoustic sensors used to locate whales in their movie Oceans), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (underwater acoustic sensors), Humboldt University Berlin Germany (customized underwater acoustic sensors), IFM GeoMar Germany (customized underwater acoustic sensors), different departments of the french CNRS (customized underwater acoustic sensors), NOAA National Ocean Service CCEHBR - USA (RASPs - underwater acoustic recorders).
Many scientific papers resulted from the research work in these years, most of them were published in the European Cetacean Society proceedings, and most of them resulted from collaboration with the CIBRA research team.
Collateral to this activity, which is the core business of our Company, and using our experience in system prototyping and our huge list of contacts, in 2004 we picked to opportunity to start a second branch of interests, dealing with the development of interactive exhibits for scientific museums. This branch is today becoming more and more important.