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PA6 hydrophone preamplifier

Hydrophone preamplifier
  • PA6 hydrophone preamplifier
  • PA6 hydrophone preamplifier
The PA6 is designed to connect passive piezo sensors, used in most hydrophones, to professional-grade microphone preamplifiers. This allows to directly connect the hydrophone into a professional recorder with XLR inputs.

The PA6 will also be useful for many other sensors, such as geophones, accelerometers, contact microphones, and any device requiring a low-noise, high-impedance buffer that works within the human auditory spectrum and above.

Phantom power is required. 
48V is the standard but the PA6 is designed to work with supplies as low as 24V with negligible performance difference.

This amplifier is not waterproof. Care should be taken to keep connectors and electrical components as dry as possible, especially when working in corrosive environments such as seawater or chlorinated water.

Default board setup: 26dB gain, differential output, P48 phantom-powered
Equivalent Input Noise: -122dBV; 10nF input shunt, A-weighted 20Hz – 22KHz, 1KΩ output load
Total Broadband Output Noise: -92dBV; 10nF input shunt, Unweighted 10Hz – 90KHz, 1KΩ output load
Bandwidth: 14Hz - 90KHz; +0/-0.5dB, 1KΩ output load 4Hz - 270KHz; +0/-3dB, 1KΩ output load
THD+N: <0.01% @1KHz, -10dBV output,1KΩ output load
Max output: >3dBV RMS @1KHz, 1KΩ output load, 1% THD
Current consumption: 5 mA 48V Phantom Power (from mic preamp) or 2.1 mA 24V Phantom Power (from mic preamp)
Gain: 26dB as standard
Differential: pins 2 & 3 (Standard—can be factory-modified)
Z out: 17 Ω Each phase to ground
Z in: 10 MΩ (Standard—can be factory-modified to filter low frequencies)
Physical: Ø19.7mm x 66.8mm, 42g. (Built on Switchcraft AAA3MZ connector)




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