URec384k - 22D MANUALS

The uRec384k is a stand alone underwater recorder capable of sampling up to 384k samples per second.
The standard sensor mounted on this unit is a Sensor Technology SQ26-05 which has a rather flat frequency response up to 50kHz. Recommended sampling rate for standard monitoring is thus 96kHz, delivering a signal representation up to 46..48kHz in band.
More sensors are available, as non-standard setups, to offer higher sensitivity and larger bandwidth.

The electronic board performing the recording operations is designed and manufactured by Dodotronic in Italy.
The electronic board itself is designed to be used as a high frequency acoustic recorder, and here on the right you find the detailed general manual of the electronic board also.
At this link you find an updated list of pretty useful files and manuals
- the latests version of the above manual,
- the detailed manual of the electronic board,
- the spreadsheet that can help you estimating the battery life,
- a sample XML file to program a basic duty cycle,
- the ANDROID software (in APK format) that you must manually install if you want to program the unit from your phone/tablet
Basic specifications for the URec384k 22D model

Sampling rate: user selectable up to 384ks/s @ 16bits
Frequency response of the recorder: 10Hz to 190kHz
Gain: user selectable 1x - 0dB, 10x - 20dB, 100x - 40dB
Power supply at sensor end, for custom applications: 5 and 3,3V
Memory: tested up to 512GB mSD cards
Real-time clock: with additional coin battery
Hydrophone: Sensor Technology SQ26-05 (more sensors available on request)
Pressure resistance: -500m and over depending on the hydrophone
Batteries: 3x size D standard 1,5V batteries.

Programming the unit

The sampling scheme is Programmable via bluetooth: a bluetooth connection and a custom software for your Android phone, can be used to set-up a duty-cycle scheme (record for an x period and then pause for a y period) or specific time intervals (record from xx:xx to yy:yy and then again from zz:zz to tt:tt …).

Manually install the .APK file, check the video and follow the steps.

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