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Hydrophones are just like microphones, designed to detect sounds and vibrations in fluids.
They are usually made of a piezoelectric sensor, that can be cylindrical, flat or spherical, and may have a preamplifier or not.
They are usually moulded in polyurethan resin, or assembled in a waterproof container. They do their work at best when immersed in fluids, and work poorly when in air. They usually perform down to pressures of a 10-100 bars, or more, or less, depending on models.
In water they are used to detect acoustic signals and vibrations. They are also used to receive echoes from active acoustic sources, like sonars and fish-finders. Often fish-finders and sonars use the same transducer to both transmit and receive the signal.
Signals can be man-made (sonars and a million other underwater instruments produce acoustic signals), can have a biological origin (not only Cetaceans produce underwater signals!), or may have a geological origin, like earthquakes.
In the industry hydrophones are used to detect and measure vibrations in pools, pumps, tanks and pipes and also detect leaks. Noise and vibration detection is considered an excellent diagnostic tool to follow plant maintenance. Hydrophones are needed to detect and measure the quality and intensity of sounds that man-made activities produce in the water at sea, in lakes and rivers.
This noise can have heavy and hard-to-predict effects not only on Cetaceans but on many other living creatures.
While underwater bioacoustics is mostly known for its studies on Cetaceans, during zoological research hydrophones are used when investigating on Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish and other Mammals too.

Ready sets with hydrophone and digital wide-band recorder for your first steps into underwater acoustics.
The sets cover the basic needs of amateurs, artists and researchers.
See them...

For professionals, environmental managers, demanding users, artists and nature lovers, we have a full range of sensors and equipment:

NAUTA systems

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Nauta designs and prepares custom hydrophone setups for your applications.
We have a wide experience in underwater bio-acoustics problem solving, together with experience in acoustic mitigation policies compliancy during off-shore operations.

We have a range including:
URec384k underwater programmable acoustic recorders (and discontinued RASP series);
Towed hydrophones streamers and components for towed hydrophones;

Aquarian Scientific Hydrophones

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Aquarian Scientific are the best affordable professional hydrophones on the market.
They can be used as a low power acoustic source underwater.

Cetacean Research Technology

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Reliable and performing instruments, expressly manufactured on the requests related to underwater bio-acoustics.
General use hydrophones, with waterproof connector on the hydrophone body, high frequency sensitivity and very low self-noise.
We distribute the full Cetacean Research Technology range of hydrophones.

All models are sold as single components. Cables and battery boxes can be purchased separately. Additional filtering modules and powering units are available.

Aquarian Audio Hydrophones

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Based on a proprietary technology, this is the best affordable underwater acoustic sensor on the market.
They offer versatility in a wide range of applications, ranging from underwater acoustic monitoring to vibration detection.
All Aquarian Audio systems offer a low-noise preamplifier and are very sensitive.
They are easy to integrate into any recording or amplifier system.

Sensor Technology

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Sensortech is a piezoelectric materials manufacturer based in Canada.
Over the years they have become very adept at developing and manufacturing custom products, and also have the most varied product line of any piezoelectric material. They manufacture sensors and conditioning electronics under ISO9000.
At NAUTA we stock their basic system for underwater bioacoustics. All other systems are available on request.

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