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Videocamere a intensificazione di luce per la visione notturna

Night vision cameras with no IR sources

If thermal cameras are out of your budget, but you would like to see in the darkness without the limits of IR (infra-red) light sources, then our night vision cameras can do the job for you.

Why not IR
Using IR light sources is the current standard offer for night surveillance. But standard IR sources have a limited range (tens of meters or a hundred in the best case), and in any case something out of the IR light come will be invisible.

In these cases intensification of natural light (moonlight or any low residual ambient light) is a cost effective and excellent alternative.
It has no range limits (it has in terms of resolution and optics, no different from daylight), it has no dependence on IR sources, little power consumption and absolutely no detectable emissions (nothing an animal sensitive to IR can detect).
To test how effective this sort of cameras can be when used for wildlife monitoring, we have followed a group of scientists carrying out a night censusing on wild deers.

The camera was set to record the image in a large area, where deers often transit at night.
The recording was taken all night, while the short clip hereafter summarizes some representative periods during that night.
An unexpected number of deers were recorded, while the standard censusing with strong flashlights returned much smaller numbers.
Considering the low cost of these cameras (less than 250 euros), and how easy they are to be setup and operated, they can be an excellent and affordable aid to wildlife monitoring.

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